Monday, September 7, 2009

Went missing - D word casually mentioned

So I did - I went missing.

My life suddenly took a lot of weird turns. So far this blog has been kept pretty much down to the knitting - my private life has been down to essentials like - we went on a holiday and I spend my time knitting. That kind of stuff.

I like it that way.
But since this blog has been largely abandoned for well over a year - I owe any occational reader an explanation. Which is what brings me to mention the D word. Well not that we were technically ever married - luckily so. But we did. Break up.

And oh yes, it was a good thing. It had been long time coming and my life is better in more ways now than I can count. But - again the basic fact about my current situation is that while there is a special someone in my life - very special indeed - I am living on my own with three kids ages 2, 4 and 6. And as you may be able to imagine it doesnt exactly allow for knitting time.

I guess I also did loose some of the obsession. But over the past months I have felt inspired to occationally pick up the needles again.

And so - to make up for time away I should at the very least post some pictures of stuff that has been finished somehow in the past well over a year. It's pretty pathetic I admit. But sharing seems only fair considering..
There would be my Lopi sweater. So far the project I have ever finished, that has earned me the most remarks. Its unexceptional, unfashionable, scratchy and when worn in moist weather it smells like a herd of icelandic sheep. I love it.

Especially the yarn deserves a few words. It's icelandic unspun. I used two strands and while it was fragile to work with the finished sweater is very sturdy. I love the smell of this wool. It smells alive. Tundra in your livingroom. The fibres are very long, leaving the finished sweater with a hairy halo as seen. It has character like no other wool I have worked with.

On to the next project. A complete opposite. This is a Flower Basket Shawl I knit for my mom in pure mongolian cashmere.

And then obviously a couple small projects here and there, that dont really deserve much attention.


Anonymous said...

Hej Ina,
Har tænkt meget på dig, dejligt at læse at du er på igen.
Det er hård med 3 så små børn, men også givende og i skal nok klare det.
Pas på jer og vær god ved jer.
Stort knus
Jane fra Malmo

Inca said...

Tak Jane :)
Ja mistede jo kontakten til de danske strikkefolk, men dejligt at høre fra dig :)